Personal trip planner in Rome

Your personal trip planner in Rome

With our Personal Trip Planner Services we offer individually designed stay in Rome... We will undertake research on your behalf in order to drive you throught Hotel reservations, attractions, restaurants, transfers, local special events and so on, allowing you to make the most of your time in Rome. Why should you need a Personal Trip Planner in Rome? How many times the Hotel you booked was different from what expected? How many time you have been disappointed having a bad launch in a typical restaurant fot tourists? Have you never been tricked by someone buying something during your trips? If yes, look carefully at this servoce: we can help... We are born in Rome, we live in Rome and we know EXACTLY where to book an Hotel, which restaurants are the best choice, we know where to drive you for shopping!.


  • Business people...
  • Vip and celebrities...
  • Corporate groups...

Consider the benefits...

  • Nothing pre-packaged!

    In our initial consultation we will your exact requirements. Based on what we hear from you, what you want, and what the budget is, we will design from the ground up a personal and unique trip in Rome for you using our local knowledge and contacts
  • Best Sources selected and listed for your choice...

    We will source for Hotel Accommodation, best Restaurants, transfers solutions, what to do, Shopping deals, general local informationyu and anything else you will need! We will never choose any service FOR you, BUT we will provide a list of options to you to make your choice.
  • Best prices anywhere...

    IMPORTANT STATEMENT: We are 100% independent and not driven by commissions or in-house promotions! By using using our local knowledge and contacts, we will bring you the best price available for each service you need
  • One single point of contact

    We will be the sole point of reference for ANY need you may have before and during your stay in Rome... Just ONE contact to stay in control with everything!
  • Peace of mind ans savings...t

    Hiring us as your Personal Trip Planner in Rome you will save time, money, hassle and stress, forgetting about organise all the contacts, payments, itineraries and services that you require.
  • Constant support in Rome

    We will be always available to support you throughout your travels in Rome. If you just have a question, or need help for anything, we will be available!

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